Tuesday, 4 October 2011

giving thanksies part 1

During Nuit Blanch weekend brunch with M:
we ate the fantastic eggs norwentine @ Joy Bistro on Queen

It's been so long, and I've missed the blogosphere. I've been busy with classes and looking for work and being alive in Toronto! This city is really so fantastic. I've done so much here since returning from my summer holidays: George Strombo live tapings, Nuit Blanche, plays and plays and more plays, fantastic eats and so much more!
But. My outfits have been only alright. It's a recent epidemic, and I do not want to panic, but I think my blockage is due to the change in weather and the weightlessness of my pocketbook.

First off, autumn weather is Toronto is wack. It's smoking hot in the AM, then frigidaire cold at night! When I journey out of my house, either morning or early afternoon, I plan to be out all day and well into the night. Well, well, well. Mr Jerkface Autumn whips up some wind and clouds and the dress I had planned to wear, now nearly shivers right off it's hanger. So, I plan for cold weather, wearing layer upon layer, toting along extra scarves and jackets. So, Mr J.F.A takes the day off, and lovely Ms. Summer is back, and I'm sweating bullets!

Secondly, I am poor boy. When I have no monies to drop on fab wardrobes, first I regret every single "meh" purchase I've ever made, those pieces that snob-illy sit untouched and unloved all over my closet saying "Look what you've done. You've bought me, and now you have no choice but to wear me." Wah. Then, I tend to drift off, coveting every other girls outfit, scouring the web for fantastic pieces, looking and looking until my eyes are all full up. Then my mind goes all "whatevs, you'll never have all that. look at your own lame ass transition-season clothes. Can they really help you through these tough environmental situations? Change, girl."

So I change. And I change. And I change, change, change, change. And it takes so long now, until that 'a-ha!' moment clicks and I feel great. But it does happen.

Like today. I (changed a zillion times) put on some cig jeans with an old mum's shirt and my leopard belt and voila.


 I was walking down Dundas, and a crew filming a commercial for Olympus gave me an incredible camera! No catch. They just filmed me receiving the camera and taking pics, and it was mine. I was so elated. It is wonderful, and I love it. Who knew taking pics could be so luxurious! 
This is the super sexy camera I got, absolutely FREE. 
All of my pics on this post I took using this cam cam. 

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