Sunday, 16 October 2011

affected climate

Grunge: characterized by people in flannel shirts and torn up jeans, originating in Seattle, Washington in the late 80's to early 90's. Some may say that the artists were a bunch of teenagers affected by the bad climate in seattle. Grunge is has a sound that sets it aside from the rest: dirty "messed up" distortion, heavy feed back and usually off tune. 

Winter's bite is growing stronger, and is running unleashed around this town. I am still in style paralysis, and when it's me against the cold, I want my bark to stand against the bite.

But Winter is still like an angst-y teen, hot and bothered in the day, frigid and withdrawn at night. IT's said that misery loves company; I'll give Teen Winter some outfits to rub up against.

I so badly want some chunky knits and clunky sweaters paired with sweet summery skirts and pants. I like a look that says "this sweater is slept in, my hair is unwashed, but i care enough to still iron my skirt."I've collected my whineyweather outfit inspirations, and I've deduced I need: mid rise black skinnies and a long sleeve wool shift dress with a funky pattern. Unfortunately, good fitting pants are like mirages to me, and slinky dresses are all the rage now. Good thing I am patient.

Knits and knee highs.
 College Prepped. 
Thank you, Alexa Chung, for being marvelous always.
But where did you get your sweater?  
Thank you too, random chick.
I like it, but your tights are a little not real life trashy. 
Nice jack (et).
You could be a girl, boy. 

scarf. sweater. blk pants. combat boots. dog.
now that's an outfit to write home about. 
Jen, your sneer is just the frosting.
And I like him too. 

Now I will dive into my closet and be inspired. Pics soon!

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