Tuesday, 4 October 2011

giving thanksies part 2

This week is pre thanksgiving. I will be going to Montreal- this will be my first trip there ever!

I love thanksgiving. It is, absolutely, without a doubt, my favourite holiday. I dream about the food as soon as the first leaf turns. And what is not to love? Because the glorious heaps and heaps of food that we share as an expression of our gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives, we are also celebrating a holiday that yet has to be adulterated like Christmas, or Easter. This holiday is not overtly commercialized, there are no ridiculous consumeristic expectations, it is set with a gorgeous autumn background, with crisp air and glowing sunsets, and the entire holiday's focus is FOOD.  I'm salivating just dreaming about it. But more on that when it actually happens.

I've been inspired by Blake Lively's life as of late. She is a talented actress, gorgeous, and dating Leo DiCaprio. She's got the life I want. Plus, she dresses so swaaanky! Check out her outfit for her Regis & Kelly interview. Tres Jolie, Blake. Kudos.

In real life, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black denim. I want high waisted, skinny but not too skinny, pure black, a little bit of a stretch, ankle grazers. I've tried on many, but so far, none take the cake (or holiday appropriate: turkey). Today, my sis informed me that American Apparel has incredible black denim, and I need to check them out. I accept this mission. Because I want to.

And thats all for today. I have a Raising Hope episode to watch, and sleep to catch.

Don't let the bed bugs bite,

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