Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

school's for chumz

It's cold again. Autumn is such a go getter.

let's be roomies: Part 2

I couldn't help myself! More room inspiration.

 Isn't it all so wonderful? Tomorrow, I go looking for pieces for my own room.

let's be roomies

My room will be finished being painted early this week. My walls are a light sea-foam blue with a white trim. I went to pick up my adorable day bed today that I got on craiglist, but it is the babiest of blues, so I am going to spray paint it white, or off-white, to match my bedroom's trim. But GAH it's a single bed! Suck It Up cause this room is smaller than most people's closets, so I have to magically connive the space to believe it is bigger than it is. Like, 8 times the size. But check me out already being uber functional: a day bed means I can transform it into a sofa OR a bed! (AKA this sofa-girl-who-eats-all-the-time will need to get a day quilt!)
WARNING: The following post contains a shitload of room "porn".

Beautiful, right? The mullet of beds: business in the day, party in the night. 
But in reality, I am so excited to decorate my room, no matter how tiny! In my head, my room is a mix of bohemian florals, romantic ruffles and pastels, and bold bright tribal colours. Now, this room is pretty tiny, so I don't know how all of that is going to squish in. 

Sheet music wallpaper. Rose paper mached mirror. Stripes. Hexagons. Frame Collage. White. Throw pillows. This. 
Woof. Please, that window seat? And black drawers that just go on forever? Yes, and yes, and yes yes yes!
Clean and crisp. But youthful too. I think the wallpaper and lilac flower paintings do it. 
1. I want white curtains, maybe? But how romantic do I want to go? It's a fine line between romantic and nursery and I want to stay as grown up as I can. So do I go with lacy on top, ruffles on the bottom, like this curtain from Urban Outfitters? or just all ruffles, like this one? These $99 Ikea darlings are the sweetest things ever too.... Or I might just get a blank white like 5 dollar curtain from IKEA and paint it myself with blue fabris paint. Oooh, maybe tie-dye? Or just plain, wispy, ethereal, eternal fountains of cloth?

Bed me. 
Ya, so I'm not crazy about these. But the idea is there. 
2. Shag rug. Homeade, to save moolah. Colorful to be the statement piece. These instructions seem legit enough, the only trouble is: I love all my tshirts too much to kill them. Hello, value village. 

Not a shag rug. Mosaic rug! I adore the color of the duvet also. 
3. I have a teal and wood desk. I just need to keep it tidy, so that it is actually functional. This might be the hardest thing I do all year. That plus the broken chair that I need to both fix and paint in a bath of all over white. And a bedside table. That will probably help.

Wallpaper on the inside of bookshelf? Why not? 
Rosemary's Baby you have shelves for a headboard. Clevah. 
4. I must get a blue glass vase, and keep it flower stocked. Flower power, for the win.

Flow. Cut this photo is half vertically, and voila. That could work. 
I wish I had a window frame within a doorframe within a doorframe kind of bedroom. 

Monday, 5 September 2011

fruits of our labours

Today is the September Labour Day Long Weekend, and we have the Unions to thank for our day off.  Holidays mean "Let's Eat Everything" in Adema family speak. So, as tradition dictates, we had a delicious meal and oh my gosh I am just realizing, "WHY DID I NOT TAKE A PICTURE OF ANYTHING TONIGHT?!" Well, use your imagination. We had mango marinated venison tenderloin and backstrap that was perfectly barbecued and reduction with a fried mushroom and onion dressing; potato salad with corn, s.d.t, red onion, and cilantro/cumin/etc dressing; grilled vegetable salad with feta and olives. For dessert, I experimented with a black bean brownie (which turned out to be so good that it fooled my carnivore uncle who went back for seconds) that we topped with vanilla gelato and sliced ontario peaches. Sister's boyfriend brought banana bread, that was still warm from baking this afternoon. Needless to say, I am Stuffed. 

 Click here to witness my miraculous gluten/dairy/sugar free brownies recipe! 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

i'm not afraid of the dark*

american apparel navy crop top; forever 21 tribal skirt; value village belt 

When the dreams grow teeth, and the beasts come out; I'm not afraid of your long shadows. 

i am the speed of sound

my love, i am the speed of sound
i left them motherless, fatherless
their souls dangling inside-out from their mouths
but it's never enough

i want you...

this tornado loves you
this tornado loves you
this tornado loves you
this tornado loves you
this tornado loves you

what will make you believe me?

red hair, don't care*

Shortly before moving back to Toronto, I re-dyed my hair red roots to blonde tips. My wonderful hair dresser Tegan put in low lights and highlights too, in order for my "grow out" to last. It was VERY red at first, but has nicely faded to perfection. 

I am really enjoying Toronto. I am so relieved that living here feels so natural. I have started my old bad habits again though (biting nails, eating when stressed) and I have began to notice the "warning signs." Drinking lots of water,  exercising, and early bedtimes are the only remedies. I also vowed with my sister to give up processed sugar, dairy, and gluten; things we are both sensitive to and have trouble digesting. 

From left to right: me and my sister. Please excuse my eyes, they were puffy. 

Friday, 2 September 2011

forever is a long, long time when you've lost your way


I am so sorry i've abandoned this blog for so long!

i've been on my time, which is a disillusioned zone of sensory explosion. Moving, packing, living, vacationing, family visiting, unpacking, repacking, eating, healing: I've had a lot on the go.

But, I still love this blog, and I still have so much to share! If you pardon my tardiness, enjoy the next few verbose, but possibly succinct, posts. If you won't, then don't. I'll mark the catch ups with a: *