Monday, 5 September 2011

fruits of our labours

Today is the September Labour Day Long Weekend, and we have the Unions to thank for our day off.  Holidays mean "Let's Eat Everything" in Adema family speak. So, as tradition dictates, we had a delicious meal and oh my gosh I am just realizing, "WHY DID I NOT TAKE A PICTURE OF ANYTHING TONIGHT?!" Well, use your imagination. We had mango marinated venison tenderloin and backstrap that was perfectly barbecued and reduction with a fried mushroom and onion dressing; potato salad with corn, s.d.t, red onion, and cilantro/cumin/etc dressing; grilled vegetable salad with feta and olives. For dessert, I experimented with a black bean brownie (which turned out to be so good that it fooled my carnivore uncle who went back for seconds) that we topped with vanilla gelato and sliced ontario peaches. Sister's boyfriend brought banana bread, that was still warm from baking this afternoon. Needless to say, I am Stuffed. 

 Click here to witness my miraculous gluten/dairy/sugar free brownies recipe! 

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