Saturday, 3 September 2011

red hair, don't care*

Shortly before moving back to Toronto, I re-dyed my hair red roots to blonde tips. My wonderful hair dresser Tegan put in low lights and highlights too, in order for my "grow out" to last. It was VERY red at first, but has nicely faded to perfection. 

I am really enjoying Toronto. I am so relieved that living here feels so natural. I have started my old bad habits again though (biting nails, eating when stressed) and I have began to notice the "warning signs." Drinking lots of water,  exercising, and early bedtimes are the only remedies. I also vowed with my sister to give up processed sugar, dairy, and gluten; things we are both sensitive to and have trouble digesting. 

From left to right: me and my sister. Please excuse my eyes, they were puffy. 

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