Sunday, 14 August 2011

neapolitan proletariat

I've been living out my reoccurring avocado day dreams this weekend. I ate avocado with cucumber and mayo and S&P on toast yesterday. I ate avocado au naturel this morning in a mad dash to get out of the house. And I ate avocado, tomato, cuke, basil, coriander salad with my cob of corn and side of radishes for lunch. It has been not even one hour since I ate lunch, and I want avocados again. Because they are not only so delicious, but are so gorgeous. A creamy green, smoky yellow, in that armadillo shell. nom nom nommers. And just salivate at this food porn: avocado-dragonfruit-spinach-prawn salad aaaaaah!! But I do believe that my spur of lust for avocado is condoned by my conscience who is appalled at my late night eating habits. It is just very unfair for a girl with a full set of sweet teeth and no will power to be taunted by my dad's very generous purchase of 1/2 price bryers ice cream! For dessert last night, I dined on ice cream like a queen. I had a scoop of cookie dough, one of chocolatey explosion, one of mint choc chip, and one of heavenly hash. I died; it was that good. Later, watching Summer Heights High with the bestie, I snacked on popcorn and peanut m&m's. Oh My Gosh. Those lusty summer nights for me, are with sugary sweets. Hey- my rationale is that I "make up for it" the next day after a sugar binge. No carbs (because I ate so many yesterday) and tons of nutritious leafy veggies. Savoury is the best sugar hangover cure.  Ze absolute best!!!

teal vintage skirt from the patch in cambridge + kensie blue/tan striped tube from DOTS

Peter Som Spring 2011 show - using MAC cosmetics 

I desperately wanted to try out spring 2011 neon eye colours, a la sun-gold yellow at Peter Som. But sadly, I have no yellow eye makeup, and am super broke so don't want to go and BUY some knowing it'll either a) look terrible or b) be something i wear only once. So I've been thinking about these bright eyes, and popping colours, and like people who want to get pregnant but can't often say that they see babies EVERYWHERE, I too was seeing bright colours everywhere. Terribly disappointing, I must say. But this morning, I groggily awoke and grabbed for my glasses, but in my incredibly sleepy stupor of last night, I was an idiot, and did not put my glasses on the bedstand, but somewhere/anywhere else. Well fuck, cause I am terribly blind without my glasses/contacts, so being tired and blind trying to locate my glasses was not fun. But a silver lining- I found them in my "hardly evers" makeup bag, and simultaneously found hawt pink glimmery shadow! Hurray! It's no yellow, but yellow is no pink either! So I ran to put in my contacts, and then ran back upstairs to my room to put on the powder! It's staying power is pretty miraculous too. I put on a few coats of mascara (which I need more of, it's getting gross old), this Quo cheek glimmer too, and matched it with my sissy's Body Shop lipstick in #48 (I was hoping it would have a much better name. Which I love.  I love OPI's amazing nail names for each of their shades. They are so creative! I think it would be so so so much fun to have that job of naming makeup shades! I can't think of anything better!) These Sunday shifts go so quick. Staff drinks tonight, I don't know what to wear. HUH.

It was hard to catch the glimmer and shine of this shadow, but I tried my best!

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