Monday, 15 August 2011

froggy went a courtin'

Ten days until I fly away to Toronto! And then I am hopping onto a bus with my dear sister to Ottawa for my dear cousin's wedding. I remember singing this old folk song at my uncle's wedding reception when I was four or five; my cousins were dressed up in costumes and acted out the lyrics of the song as my aunts and uncles led the song. I was reminded of it, because my sister came home from the Yukon singing a slightly different version she had learned on the (extremely) long car ride up, and then home. Her and her boyfriend had learned the "King kong ki-chi ki-chi ki me oh" version. She taught it to me on the way home from our family trip to see the final Harry Potter movie! That movie was fantastic. It is fascinating to me, that a series that I grew up reading has finally come to an end, in all of it's forms. It's a little sad, actually. I wonder how many people followed this series from JK Rowling's first book, the first movie, the last book, and then the final film. And those boys, MMM HMM, so good lookin' now!! Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint. And Emma Watson is just so fantastic. 

Watson wearing a covetable French Connection striped dress

I just love her. At the staff party last night, we were discussing the question "If you could have any celebrity's wardrobe, who's would you choose?" I was a little stumped- being put on the spot seems to drain my mind at times. My boss suggested that a good match for me would be Emma Watson's street style, and that is one suggestion I can jive with! That girl is sweet, but edgy in the most sophisticated and put together way possible. She never looks frayed, or tired- her clothes are very much her own, and they make her stand out, instead of so many who let their clothes wear them. She knows her style, but is unafraid of variations and pushing her limits. (but, sometimes she can be a little boring- but regardless, she is still a doll.)  

Her Burberry campaign has stocked her wardrobe with the most amazing trench jackets. THE MOST.
I forgot to take a picture of my staff party outfit, because, well I was just in a hurry! Per usual, I did not time my "getting ready" amount quite right, and underestimated the difficulty in finding the right things to wear. It didn't help that I had chowed down on fudge, and my belly bloat was putting me in a "i hate everything on me" mode. But I remember my fantastic leopard dress, and yanked it off the hanger with ten minuted left before I absolutely HAD to leave, and voila! So presto. With my v.v caramel waist belt, my caramel clogs, and a top knot and pink lips (still my makeup from work) I was good to go! I wanted to wear a intense rouge lip, but remembered I had hot pink shiny lids, and was too lazy to wash my face (and simply did not have the time) so I went with the quick and easy. 

It's still summer- and I still only want to wear something like this! What a cutie. 

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